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Ashaway Introduces Zyex-based UltraKill® 18 Racquetball String

UltraKill 18
Thinner 18 Gauge Construction Enhances Power And Playability

Zyex® Multifilament Core Maintains Tension For Longer Playing Life

Ashaway, RI - Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced UltraKill® 18, the latest in its new line of Zyex-based racquetball strings. Built on a new multifilament core, UltraKill 18 is designed to provide players at all levels with a thinner, more playable string that provides both power and control. The braided surface adds bite and increases spin while the Zyex® multifilament core prevents tension loss for more consistent performance throughout the life of the string.

"Thin is in for racquetball strings these days," said Steve Crandall, Ashaway Vice President of Marketing. "Players of all stripes want the added control and playability thinner strings provide. With UltraKill 18, we've combined the latest high tech Zyex materials with innovative core construction techniques to offer the thinnest, strongest, best playing string ever."

"I recommend Ashaway UltraKill 18 for any player that hits the ball 130 mph or less," said long-time stringer and this past year's National Senior Doubles champion, Tom Travers. "That includes about 75% of players. UltraKill 18 has more elasticity than a thicker gauge string. That means you're going to get more pop on the ball, more power. Plus, you're going to have more feel with the thinner string. The ball is going to sit on this string longer, whereas it may tend to slip across the surface of a nylon string. This gives you more control over your shots."

As for durability, Travers explained that while people think an 18-gauge string will break faster than a thicker string, that's not necessarily the case. "Better, more experienced players tend to hit on the sweet spot in the center of the racquet," he said. "Less experienced players hit all over the racquet. That breaks string. So while a 16 or 17 gauge string may last longer for beginners, better players will have few durability issues, and will benefit from the thinner gauge."

Dynamic blue in color, UltraKill 18 is available for all players in 40 ft sets and 360 ft reels. Recommended stringing tension is up to 35 lbs. Ashaway suggests using 10-20% less tension than normally used for standard nylon strings.

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